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Vitamin E supplement info and comparison chart

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Vitamin E supplement info and comparison chart

PostTue Jun 07, 2016 12:36 pm

It has been recommended that horses with muscle issues get "10,000 IU of vitamin E per day"

However, there are many different formats (powder, meal, oil, pellets) and types (of various tocopherols) so to unravel the mystery... Here is a vitamin E comparison chart I have compiled:

1. Shipping charges on products will vary, and that affects final price per dose. Price per dose is shown before shipping for that reason, so do your own calculations to add shipping.

2. The first sheet shows natural vitamin E types, and the daily dose is 5,000IU for price comparison.

3. Go to the second sheet to see synthetic vitamin E supplements. Dose for synthetic vitamin E is doubled on that sheet to 10,000IU, as it is less bioavailable

4. Go to the third sheet to see a comparison of biopotency of different types

5. Feel free to add other vitamin E supplements to the sheet if you find something good!

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