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Trailering the shivers horse

Anything else about looking after horses - related to equine muscle disorders or not.
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Trailering the shivers horse

PostThu Aug 11, 2016 1:16 pm

My guy used to be great about trailering until his shivers symptoms started.

He was happy to get on my 2 horse Brenderup, but now spasms when two fronts are on and the hinds are on or near the ramp.

I tried him in a friend's draft size slant and he was much happier, so went back and removed the divider on the Brenderup and added a bale of shavings.

While he can't turn around in the B'up he is much more into getting on, based on one attempt. I don't have the one piece butt bar needed to try closing the back yet. I tried with just the divider removed and he was not keen. Adding shavings made a big difference!

So I think there is something about the rubber matting, going from grass or gravel onto the ramp, and so on?

Anyone experienced the same and how did you overcome it?

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