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This forum, and getting it going

The struggle to diagnose and manage PSSM/EPSM, shivers and other muscle issues in horses can be tough. Take a minute to introduce yourself and your horse(s) and tell us your story.
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This forum, and getting it going

PostSun Jan 29, 2017 6:17 pm

Hi folks

If you're not a spam bot (and yes, we have had problems with those...) you'll know this forum is not super busy. Party because shivers and PSSM are not ALL that common, but also I don't promote the board much.

I started the board because I found the other two online communities lacking.

1. The Yahoo group. Very difficult to read - scrolling through long emails that quote other emails makes it impossible, it's tricky to search, and the same information repeats over and over as others have the same problem.

2. Facebook group. (US and Germany) Same as the above. It was not designed as a repository of information. I could and have posted for example my vitamin E comparison chart over and over, but the info gets lost immediately, and people ask every week what the best vit E source is per dose.

So, I reached out to the owners of those groups and asked them if this format would better suit their needs and the needs of fellow sufferers. I offered to maintain the forums myself (no added work) and host the site and all their guests. The host of the FB group in Germany was very receptive, but the end result was not a merger but no change at all. I think there was an assumption that it would create more work to have the forum here.

Anyway, that's a long-winded way of saying perhaps this site will take some time to get started. Don't give up. And feel free to invite others to join. I personally much prefer this format, though I understand if others prefer Yahoo Groups or FB! :mrgreen:

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